Monday, November 24, 2008

Keeping Faith Firm

This just proves how small things can keep our faith firm !

These are the threads that people tied around the Marble windows in Fatehpur Sikri at the Mazaar of Khwaja Saleem Chishti when they pray for something!

Customs like this are popular at various other places as well in India...

e.g. In Uttarakhand there are temples where people tie bells in the temple compound when they wish for something. In two temples in Uttarakhand (Golu Devta Temple in Bhowali, near Bhimtal and another one at Chitai) people even write letters and leave them in the temple compound

There might not be a scientific explanation to all this, but when the mind really believes something will happen, small things like tying a thread or writing a letter can make it happen !!!

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  1. I actually tied a red string on the marble grill at this saint's shrine at Fahtepur Sikri in the 1980's. I never returned to remove it after my prayer was answered. What a lovely reminder to do exactly that! Thank you for this picture!