Friday, April 3, 2009

"I have begun to emerge" Shrine

I made this shrine in honor of a young woman who emerged out of what could have been a hard shell of a life into a rare pearl that has been polished to it's luster as a direct result of the harshness of life. The resulting strength as well as beauty is celebrated in this homage. I painted a 6" x 7" x 5" wood box with glass on each side to enable the viewer to see through.

The lid opens by way of shell and pearl with silk ribbon and a removable tag that reads - "Delicate and fragile, yet endowed with an inner strength that survived and defied the sea storms of life."

The top of the box is encrusted in shells, pearls, a vintage earring and glass glitter. Inside the box, there are more encrusted shells, pearls, glass beads and glass glitter, along with other bits found on the beach. An image was collaged depicting a mermaid reaching upward, as well as another mermaid watching in admiration. Unfurling from the largest shell is a message that reads " I have begun to emerge. I have begun to reveal myself". Most of the items in this piece are bits and pieces washed up on the shore where I collected them in Virginia Beach. I have left them just as I found them, using the natural elements to my advantage. i.e. no drilling of holes were necessary for attachments, due to natural holes that were already in the shells.

It should be noted that I have never met this young lady. I have only heard stories of her strength. In imagining her, this shrine took on a life of it's own. I hope that she is pleased. This piece is SOLD, but commissions are taken using your own personal specifications.

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  1. Beautiful! You have a finely cultivated intuitive process that not only seems to honor the person who is the subject of your work but also invites the viewer to participate in the honoring.