Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Love Springs Eternal"

I have been creating more tin nichos/shrines.

This tin nicho is designed in the traditional cross shape. I whitewashed the entirety, then washed it with walnut for the appearance of more age. The glass front is hinged to open from the bottom, up. There are 3 separate compartments inside. I choose a vintage Italian Holy card of a Madonna in adoration of a rose that appears to have sprung up in the midst of nothing. I couldn't keep from thinking about how many times I have been surprised at finding beauty in the midst of what might have been viewed as ruins or despair. Following the rose symbol, I remembered some dried roses I had hung in the rafter in my studio from a bouquet that I couldn't bear to discard. With the baby's breath, a wash of bees wax and a sprinkle of glass glitter, I knew that the rose would now be encased for a loving memory. The milagro hearts, dripping with more bees wax seemed perfect for both the small compartments. I rusted, then cut metal filigree to embellish each of the 4 points of the cross. After attaching, they were then painted with bees wax. There is a metal loop for a hanger on the back, but I added another option for hanging with the ribbon. The ribbon is composed of old lace taken from a wedding veil, pink,vintage baby blanket binding and a hand dyed silk ribbon.

This beauty is gonna be hard to part with.

You can see more nichos and shrines on my website at

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