Monday, July 20, 2009

Textile Art Challenge

My first challenge at K.C. Willis' Collage Camp. She called for a challenge-a textile wall hanging - all recycled! Of course, my studio is overflowing with recycled treasures.
I wanted to do something just for fun, so I started with a sweet little black and white photo of my Aunt, entitled "School Days - 1939".
She told me that the darling little coat she was wearing was made by a friend, and that she still has it in her "hope" chest.

I transferred it onto muslin, but wasn't happy with the result, so I painted the school days photo on a piece of discarded canvas, then added an old pattern tissue paper using Diamond Glaze. I also used recycled/vintage fabric, ribbon, buttons, unfinished quilt-top piece (from my now-deceased, mother in law), tatting, a single earring my aunt gifted to me that belonged to her Mother, and then used alphabet stamps to print "A Blue Coat" and "ABC".

The challenge was really fun, but more importantly, it
was dear to me and from the heart! I hope she likes it! Thanks K.C. for including me!


  1. really nice piece! check out my drawings

  2. Emily, Thank you for the compliment. Your drawings are awesome! I was surprised to see how young you are, to appear so experienced in technique! Keep at it. Namaste, Janie

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