Monday, July 12, 2010

Old is New, yet again

I just returned from visiting my parents in West  Texas. I had not traveled the "back roads" in many years.

I was struck by the change in the landscape through the years of my absence.  While I am well aware that Texas windmills have become few and far between, and that this old method of utilizing wind for power was left behind to rust - leaving snaggle-tooth skeletons, I didn't expect this .

I expected a few wind turbines, but there were miles and miles of fields - filled with rows and rows- as far as the eye could see.  I guess, sometimes returning to the old ways work after all!

Here's another old method - Texas Oil Wells - I just had to post these since people always ask me if we, Texans, have oil wells in our back yards.  Well, yes, some actually do!

Do you have photos of other old methods - made new?  Send them here to post.

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