Thursday, March 31, 2011

One Lucky Day: No. 14 - I Wish

TUTORIAL as found on 2 gypsy girls:

1. Adhere a piece of ledger paper to tag.
2. Add WISH ticket to the bottom of tag.
3. Free-hand cut (yes, you can do it) a scallop border from a scrap of vintage music paper.  Adhere to bottom edge of tag.
4. Add crochet lace at top edge of paper.
To create the center medallion-
5. Cut a piece of cheesecloth approximately 2 x 15” long.

 Run a basting stitch to gather fabric.  
NOTE: We stitched ours a bit off center so that when you fold it in half one side is longer than the other.

Pull the basting stitch to gather fabric.
  Fold in half lengthwise at the stitching line.
Use a thick craft glue to adhere to chipboard ring.  I used a ring instead of a solid circle so the brown striped ribbon could poke up through the ring (see step #8 ).  Let dry.  You can use a piece of heavy cardstock or interfacing in place of the chipboard ring. 

6. Pinch wide stripe May Arts ribbon in half and secure with wire.  Trim ends.
7. Adhere ribbon to the tag with liquid glue.
8. Add glue to the back of the ring and place over ribbon.  Hold in place for a few minutes until it starts to dry.

9. Punch a hole at the bottom of a glittered chipboard circle (small hole on Crop-a-dile).  Hang locket from jump ring and insert jump ring into punched hole in chipboard.
circle is 1 1/4" wide
10. Add glue to the back of the circle then adhere circle over the center hole.

11. Use a piece of wire and a 2” twig to create the center. 
Wrap wire around the end of the twig.  Using needle nose pliers, bend the wire toward the longer end of the stick.
Thread 3 pearls or beads onto wire (they can be different sizes).
Bend the wire back towards the twig, wrap around twig to finish off.

12. Weave a small piece of crochet lace (same as we used on the tag), onto the bottom of the twig.  Gather so the lace is bunched under the wire.  Wrap ribbon No. 2 around twig, below the lace and tie a one loop bow. 
The ribbon secures the lace by sandwiching it between the wire and ribbon. 

Use liquid glue to add to center of circle.  In the photo, the end of the stick is hidden behind the ribbon.