Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tutorial-Tissue Pomanders

As found on Project Wedding:
Styrofoam Balls: Sold at craft stores such as Michaels.  For this guide, Marina used 3” balls.
Tissue Paper: For each pomander, you’ll need approximately 72 sheets of tissue paper cut to be 5” x 7”
Wire: Sold at hardware stores
Wire Cutters: Sold at hardware stores
Cost: $2 - $5 each
Step 1

Cut each sheet of tissue paper to 5” x 7”.

Step 2

Stack 4 sheets of tissue and fan fold all the way up.

Step 3
Tie some wire around the middle of the tissue. You’ll need to play around with it to get a feel for how much you’ll need. Be sure to leave a little extra since that’s what you stick in the Styrofoam.

Step 4
Start pulling the tissue sheets up one at a time. Left then Right.  Continue until all the tissue is pulled up and it looks like a flower.

Step 5
Stick the wire under the flower in the Styrofoam ball.  Keep placing flowers all the way the ball until it’s full.  Play around with the placement to make the flower as tight or loose as you’d like.

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