Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas projects

Just finished some Christmas projects. Making a book paper wreath was fun.


  1. Que adorno tan bonito para estas fiestas Navideñas, me ha encantado. Me gustaría seguir tu blog pero no he encontrado activada la casilla de seguidores, probare mas tarde. Si lo deseas te invito a visitar mi blog, y si es de tu agrado podrás seguirlo.
    Saludos. ¡Hasta pronto!!


  2. Manoli, Thank you for your comment. I have now added a followers button if you would like to join. I also love your blog!I must confess, I had to use Google Translator for your comments as follows: "Decorating for the holidays as nice Christmas, I love it. I would follow your blog but have not found the box for followers, proves later. If you want to invite you to visit my blog, and if you like it you can follow.
    Greetings.See you soon!

  3. Facebook comments:
    Sheenie Art- just gorgeous!!!!!!

    Laura Castro - COOL

    Carrie Campbell Clayden - wow

    Helen Beacham - This is a work of art!

    Paula Cummings Pyle - wow... maybe you can add a special extra touch to the wreath I made

    Anne Kozil - Janie that wreath is fabulous! Absolutely gorgeous! You have not lost your touch.

    Angela Rae Barribeau - LOVE LOVE LOVE! Beautiful!!!