Friday, December 9, 2011


Altoid tin container by Janie Mills for display or to cradle a dearly loved rosary.

 I love this depiction of a Madonna, a Mother, a Woman in quiet communication with her maker. Simple text with the word "Prayer" is added. A tiny pink candle lights the way. It was perfectly sized in it's partial use when taken out of an old box of birthday candles. I wonder what stories it could tell? 
See this link on how it was made: 

Day 9 of "A Virgin a Day" hosted by artist, Rebecca Brooks. You can join us at:


  1. so lovely!
    the image on the cover of mary is stunning and the tiny pearl such a sweet little opener to your shrine box!

  2. I love the symbolism that is present in all the details of this.

  3. My hands, with age, don't make tiny things very well anymore, but I sure love what you've made.

  4. It's a wonderful image. I would be proud to have it. Beautiful!

  5. She is gentle and i love shrine boxes, such wonder!