Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Wish I Could Fly"

New Oil Painting "Wish I Could Fly" by Janie Mills
18" x 24" including hand-built pine frame on birch wood panel prepared with multiple layers of papers, varnish and oil. Sanding back exposed paper floral designs. The result is truly an amazing array of texture, colors and subtleties.

"Hibiscus Dreams"

New Oil Painting - "Hibiscus Dreams" by Janie Mills
18" x 24" including hand-built, pine frame on birch wood panel

Fresh Coat of Paint

I just finished painting my laundry room. Every time I open the door to the room, it makes me feel happy. It makes me want to do a happy dance while doing wash. Now, that is really sick! :) I just read that painting only one wall in a room is now "out", so, of course, since I always like to go against the latest and greatest in design... I just had to go against the grain.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Milagros/Ex Votos

Milagros/Ex Votos by shadowplay
Milagros/Ex Votos, a photo by shadowplay on Flickr- photographed in New Orleans.
To see Milagros for sale, see -  http://janiemillsart-shoppe.blogspot.com/p/milagros.html
 My first experience with Milagros and Ex Votos was a visit to the Santuario in Chimayo NM, many years ago. An entire room filled with crutches, braces, canes, etc. no longer needed. Prayers answered and faith shared. Witnessing this literal show of gratitude is powerful. It has forever been etched into my heart.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

For Easter - Hill Of Crosses

A Vintage Green Life: HILL OF CROSSES:          

The Hill of Crosses is located in northern Lithuania
and over the years has become a National Pilgrimage center.
The tradition of placing crosses here dates back to the 14th century originally,
(I came across a few different dates while researching)
and probably arose as a symbol of Lithuanian defiance of foreign invaders.
In more recent times when Soviet Russia controlled it, the hill was leveled by
bulldozers three times...1961, 1973, and 1975.
The crosses were burned or turned to scrap metal and the area covered with waste and sewage.
Each time the Hill arose again when local inhabitants and pilgrims from
all over Lithuania rapidly replaced crosses on the hill.

Finally left in peace the sacred hill is now visited each year
by thousands of pilgrims, a good many of them leaving crosses,
some in memory of loved ones.

On windy days breezes blow through the crosses and hanging rosaries
producing their own unique music.